Application Of Aluminum Forgings for New Energy Vehicles

The number of companies producing and committing to producing energy vehicles has increased over the last few years. As of now, big car manufacturers have already released energy vehicles in the market and doing pretty well. This move has been increased by the demand for eco-friendly machines that do not use fossil fuel to run the engine. One of the things that stands out about these cars is their lightweight features. To help reduce the load on the driving motor, energy cars’ manufacturers are using aluminum for most of the car parts. Considering that energy vehicles do not produce a lot of heat, aluminum is becoming the widely used material for the construction of most parts. To achieve quality energy cars’ parts, most manufacturers are using hot forging aluminum. Modern hot forging, also referred to as hot extrusion, uses specialized machines. That’s why it’s producing very precise parts for the new energy vehicles. Some of the parts that can be hot forged include a control arm, knuckle, gear shift levers, brake caliper, piston, and hub. Aluminum forging includes heating the material’s crystallization temperature before forming it. The heating process is to make the aluminum material develop plastic deformation before starting with the pressing work. That’s what makes this kind of forming different from cold forging. Unlike the old technology, the modern hot forging technology makes use of specialized press machines. Most manufacturers use the Friction press machine for forging, which uses hydraulic force to form parts. Most of these machines are automated, making the production process quite simple and easy.

How To Forge Aluminum for New Energy Vehicle Parts?

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The process of hot forging aluminum for a new energy vehicle is pretty simple. As we all know, aluminum is one of the metals with the lowest crystallization temperature. So, it will take a very small amount of time and energy to heat. With the aluminum being heated, you need to get the press machine ready. The machine consists of the press parts that carry the punch and the press chamber. The press chamber is the place where you place the mould. Then, check if the level of the set compression force is enough to produce the desired part. To form the new energy vehicle parts, you must place mould into the press chamber. Then, place the heated aluminum into the chamber and press using the punch. The material will be pressed against the mould, and that’s how aluminum forms an energy vehicle part.

Benefits Of Aluminum Forging

There are many benefits that come with aluminum forging, especially in the manufacturing of energy vehicles. One of the biggest benefits is the ease of producing the parts. With the pre-heating of the aluminum metal, it becomes very easy to do the pressing work. That’s something you don’t get from the cold forging method. The other benefit is the size of the extrusion machine you need to invest in. With the material already heated to plastic deformation, you don’t need a lot of pressing energy. So you don’t have to invest in a large machine as it is with the cold forging. The other advantage of aluminum forging is mass production. For manufacturing producing a huge number of energy cars, they need mass production of parts. With the production set, it is very easy to produce a large quantity of the same parts with a single hot forging unit. Hot forging produces tools with good ductility. This is one of the features that determine the stress parts can withstand. For the hot forged parts, they can be more ductile, and hence they can withstand more stress. So, they don’t break easily hence will last for a longer time. The other benefit of hot forging aluminum is excellent surface quality. The parts produced have a porosity free surface, which allows a range of finishing. You can engrave, polish, painting, or coating the hot forged car parts. At Hot Forging China, we use hot forging to produce highly complex forged energy car parts. If you are interested in hot extrusion and need a free quotation, please contact us. We will provide you with a series of hot forging solutions. For large quantities, we do mass-production.