Application Of Hot Forging In Electric Bicycle Parts

The 21st century has seen manufacturers simplify most of the machines. Automation has been at the center of most of the innovations. There are many simplified everyday machines but have you tried the electric bicycle? Well, this is one of the technologies that are growing very fast. One of the reasons the quality of these bicycles is high is the method of production. Most producers are using hot forging in manufacturing electric bicycle parts.
As we all know, electric bicycles have more parts than the typical types. From the gears, motor to the pedals, all these parts require high precision for the bike to work efficiently. That’s why manufacturers are going for hot forging or hot extrusion. Other parts that can be hot forged includes clamp parts, frame parts, brake parts, cranksets, and kick-starters.
As the name suggests, hot forging is a type of forging technology that works on a heated workpiece. The material to be formed into electric bicycle parts is first heated to the crystallization temperature. This is the point where the material has reached the plastic deformation, which makes it easy to form the desired shape.
Unlike the traditional hot forging, modern forging is more improved due to advancing technology. It includes the use of more sophisticated press machines. Today, most manufacturers are using Friction press machine for hot forging. The machines use a hydraulic compression force to press the metallic material being formed.
The hot forging Friction press machine are easy to work with and make the whole process quite easy. They also enable the user to do mass production, which makes them ideal for electric bicycle manufacturers.

How To Hot Forge Electric Bicycle Parts

Producing electric bicycle parts using hot forging is more of a straightforward process. In fact, it is pretty easy once you have set up the whole system. The first thing you need to get right is the setting of the machine. Make sure that you have checked the amount of compression force needed. It should be enough to produce the desired quality.
The second step should be checking the die or the mould. The mould should be the right size to ensure the desired material has been produced. Depending on the type of parts you want to make, you need to get the right mould size and shape.
The third step should be fixing the die inside the press chamber. Make sure that you have placed the die in the right position and firmly. The fourth step is placing the heated metallic material in the press chamber.
The fifth and last step is applying the compression force on the heated material in the press chamber. The force is applied using the punch. The material will take shape and size of the moulds. That’s simply how the electric bicycle parts are hot forged.


Why Hot Forged Electric Bicycle Parts

There are benefits that come with hot forging electric bicycle parts. One of the major advantages is less energy for the manufacturing process. The fact that the material is first heated to plastic deformation means less compression energy is needed. So, you will not need to invest in a large and expensive machine as it with the cold forging process.
The second advantage of hot forging is a high level of material deformation due to heating. This means that you can make as many configurations as you would like. Whether you want to make complex 3D geometries, the high deformation will allow for it.
The excellent surface quality is another advantage you get from hot forging electric bicycle parts. The hot-forged surface allows for a wide range of finishing work, including painting, engraving, coating, and other custom finish work.
Another advantage of not forging electric bicycle parts is mass production. The process allows for mass production due to its fast production rate. That’s why it’s ideal for machine parts manufacturers.
At Hot Forging China, we use hot forging or impact extrusion to produce highly complex hot forged electric bicycle parts. We offer a range of hot forged bicycle parts and other machine parts. If you are interested in hot extrusion and need a free quotation, please contact us. If you need large quantities, we can do mass-production.