Forged Aluminum Suspension Arms: Technology for Reducing Automobiles’ Weight

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December 25, 2020
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Forged Aluminum Suspension Arms: Technology for Reducing Automobiles’ Weight

The automobile industry has, in the last few recent decades, been one of the fastest-growing sectors. That’s mainly because of the bulging demand for vehicles. But modern automobile users are not only after owning a vehicle- what they want better safety enhancement, better driving performance, and fuel economy, among other things. That’s why auto manufacturers are looking for ways to meets these needs. This paper looks at how Hot Forging China is using forged aluminum for manufacturing lighter suspension arms.

Automobile suspension arms make the machine parts that connect the vehicles to their wheels and allow motion. The system includes the tires, springs, tire air shock absorbers, and linkages. These parts’ weight significantly determines many factors, including the ease of driving, safety, and fuel consumption, among others. Hot Forging China is developing and manufacturing aluminum suspension arms that are helping realize these factors. In this paper, we will look at the process that goes into manufacturing forged aluminum suspension parts. Here are 4 major activities the manufacturer is working on:

  1. Selecting Aluminum Forging For Auto Suspension

The manufacturing of the automobile suspension arms differs from one manufacturer to the other. That’s because various processes are used for the manufacturing of the parts. The most common are casting, semi-solid forming, and forging. For all the processes, aluminum forging provides the biggest weight reduction effects hence the most widely used over other forming technologies.

Apart from weight reduction, aluminum forging also produces higher reliability and one of the best internal quality. These are just some of the factors that make forged aluminum technology popular with the manufacturing of auto suspension parts.

  1. Analytical Design of Suspension Arms

With the method of production already selected, the next thing is designing the product. Like in all forging methods, the process uses molds or die to produce the shape and size. The production of the suspension arms starts with the manufacturing of the prototype. This is the first product that tests the effectiveness of the system. To get the correct final prototype, you need to have several trials of the designs.

Note that vehicle suspension arms include several parts, including the ball joints, cushion-rubber bushings, and so on. So the design must also incorporate all these parts for the parts to work properly. So the design of the suspension parts is more than just making the arms. There are also other crucial factors such as the fatigue strength, stiffness, vibration, impact, and fracture resistance that Hot Forging China engineers must look at when designing.

  1. Plastic Flow Analysis of Aluminum Forging

The analysis of the aluminum forging process is another crucial factor to consider. Hot Forging China is using plastic flow analysis methods of forgings using three dimension shapes. This is the latest technique in the production of the suspension parts. To cold forge these parts, you need several dies and, in most cases, four molds- bender, buster, blocker, and finisher. For the proper analysis of the plastic flow in each forming step, 3-dimensional die models are needed.

The four molds are analyzed separately because each step has its unique variables. The finite element method or FEM analysis is the most used to obtain the finisher’s plastic flow data. The analysis methods extract data, including the flow stress of the material, forging temperature, sliding friction, and shear friction, among other factors. The data obtained from the FEM analysis can be used to determine stress exerted on dies, possibilities of defects, and filling in a forging die.

  1. Production System

Last in the process of forging aluminum for suspension arms is the production system. With the design and the analysis done on the prototype, then the next step is mass production. Hot Forging China Company has established an integrated production system that covers the whole manufacturing process. The company has everything under one roof, from forming the workpiece to the finished products’ production. The factory is equipped with the latest forging machines in the industry, including press machines.

In conclusion, the manufacturing of modern automobiles is geared towards designing light vehicles. Such vehicles offer a better driving experience, improved safety, and better fuel economy, among many other benefits. At Hot Forging China, we are producing lighter aluminum forged suspension arms. Call us today for forged aluminum services.

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