Application Of Hot Forging In Hardware Tools

Hardware tools have increasingly become essential in our everyday life. Whether it's in your home, your own car, or a bike, or in your workplace, you must have some of these tools. There is a range of hardware tools used, and their demand has been rising over the years. Hardware tools include pliers, hammers, sledges, wrenches, garden tools, wire-rope clips, sockets, hooks, and many more. As a manufacturer, there are many options available for producing hardware tools. But forging has been the most popular of all. There are types of forging methods in the industry, with most manufacturers going for hot forging technology. Unlike cold forging that works on metals at room temperature, hot forging works on metals heated to crystallize temperature. That's the main factor that differentiates the two types of forging. The fact that hot forging works on metal that has been heated to plastic deformation means you can produce hardware tools even for the hardest metals such as iron. To produce parts using hot forging or hot extrusion technology, you need to invest in an extrusion machine. There are many options in the market, but the hydraulic press machines are the most popular. You have a range of friction press machines for hot forging you can select from depending on several factors like size The good thing about hot forging is it's an easy process. With modern machines, most of the functions have been automated. Therefore, with just a bit of training, your staff will be able to start producing hardware parts immediately. But how simple is the process of hot forging hardware parts? Here are the main steps:

Advantages Of Hot Forging Hardware Tools

There are many reasons why hot forging machine tools is increasingly growing popular with manufacturers. First, it has a relatively lower production cost. Considering the material is heated to plastic deformation, then the compression force needed is smaller than cold forging. So, you will buy a smaller machine, and this means less cost. Hot forging requires less compression energy because the material has already reached plastic deformation. These are the two main ways that the production cost is reduced. With hot forging, the material's ductility is high, which gives you a range of configurations to work with. Whether you would want to form even the complex 3D geometries, it is possible. That's another advantage you don't get from the cold forging method. Another advantage of hot forged tools is the high-quality surface that allows for all kinds of finishing work. Whether you want to apply polish, engrave, coat, or even paint, you can do all this with hot forged parts. These are just some of the main advantages. At Hot Forging China, we use hot forging to produce highly complex forged hardware tools. If you are interested in hot extrusion and need a free quotation, please contact us. We will provide you with a series of hot forging solutions. For large quantities, we do mass-production.

Why Hot Forged Electric Bicycle Parts

There are benefits that come with hot forging electric bicycle parts. One of the major advantages is less energy for the manufacturing process. The fact that the material is first heated to plastic deformation means less compression energy is needed. So, you will not need to invest in a large and expensive machine as it with the cold forging process. The second advantage of hot forging is a high level of material deformation due to heating. This means that you can make as many configurations as you would like. Whether you want to make complex 3D geometries, the high deformation will allow for it. The excellent surface quality is another advantage you get from hot forging electric bicycle parts. The hot-forged surface allows for a wide range of finishing work, including painting, engraving, coating, and other custom finish work. Another advantage of not forging electric bicycle parts is mass production. The process allows for mass production due to its fast production rate. That’s why it’s ideal for machine parts manufacturers. At Hot Forging China, we use hot forging or impact extrusion to produce highly complex hot forged electric bicycle parts. We offer a range of hot forged bicycle parts and other machine parts. If you are interested in hot extrusion and need a free quotation, please contact us. If you need large quantities, we can do mass-production.